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Hand-Harvested From the Salt Pans of the Sacred Valley

Natural, Pink, Sustainable.

Salinas de Maras

At an elevation of 3,380 m in the Sacred Valley of Peru lies a complex network of over 3,000 salt pans. An ancient underground spring feeds these pans and they are hand-harvested today as they were in pre-Incan times.

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The Salt

The raw, naturally pink salt from Salinas de Maras comes to you just as it was harvested. Use it in infinite ways to both savory and sweet dishes. Taste its beautiful crunch and the salty blast it provides to your greatest creations.

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Social Responsibility

Salt of the Earth Co. believes that you should give back to the people and communities responsible for the things you consume. Part of the proceeds from your purchase will go to carefully curated charities in Cusco, Peru.

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What People Are Saying

Everyday more people are seasoning with a purpose.

  • I tried for the first time @saltoftheearthco this morning and I loved it! Best of all it's natural and comes from Peru! #salt #saltoftheearth #food #healthyeating #eggs #breakfast

    Silvana DNoticia Long Island
  • I absolutely love using this salt! Every time I cook, I use it to season my steaks and vegetables, and even salads. The crunch of the salt adds a great texture to any meal!

    Suzanne N.Oyster Bay, NY
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